Social media puts the ‘fun’ in Turku’s funicular

The original design was sleek and transparent. The actual design is something quite different!

The reality of Turku's new funicular / Credit: @Jean Lindén Twitter

Eagle-eye social media users have noticed something strange in Turku.

The city’s new funicular service looks nothing like it’s supposed to!

The funicular started test runs this week, and is due to enter service in March taking passengers on a leisurely journey to the top of Kakolanmäki.

Unfortunately, the new cabin bears little resemblance to the concept art produced by Turku-based IDIS Design, which had previously been revealed to the public.

Instead of a sleek, angular glass box which lets in maximum light and glides on plinth…

…the reality is a chunky metal box painted dark grey that resembles an armoured vehicle.

Funicular concept design previously released to the public / Credit: IDIS Design

“I thought this was a joke, but upper picture is actually what was sold to the public, and the lower picture is the funicular that they got in Turku, Finland” wrote one Twitter user.

Another person wrote “you know your funicular has failed miserably when even a funicular fan magazine is making fun of it”.

And indeed the @funimag Twitter account in Paris, which celebrates a love of funiculars, has been publishing the funniest memes about the new Turku funicular.

It’s been re-imagined as a prisoner transportation vehicle, the Popemobile, a coal cart, and Darth Vader’s helmet among other suggestions.

Turku City’s Twitter account says the funicular’s appearance is supposed to fit in with the old prison buildings in Kakola neighbourhood.

The project has already been hit with problems before the design issues. It was supposed to have been opened back in 2017, and has gone over its original budget estimates.