Slight increase in September road death numbers

Long term trend in total accidents, and fatalities, continues to fall.

File picture of cars on highway / Credit: iStock

The number of people who died in accidents on Finnish roads during September is up from the same month a year ago.

New figures released by Statistics Finland on Thursday morning show that 24 people died in road accidents last month.

That’s an increase of five from the previous year.

About half those killed were in a car or van, and 22 out of the 24 fatalities were men.

Of the people who were killed, 11 travelled by passenger car, two by van, one by moped and five by motorcycle. Two pedestrians and two cyclists were killed in road traffic accidents during September. In addition, one other road user was killed.

Among those who died, 22 were men and two were women.

In the first half of 2019 – January to June – 168 people were killed in road accidents which is up 9 from the previous year.

The numbers may seem high but they’re in fact part of a long term decline in total number of fatalities in vehicle crashes, pedestrian and cyclist deaths.

Fatalities were at their peak in 1990 and have been falling since then according to Statistics Finland data.

Road traffic fatalities over time / Credit: Statistics Finland