Six Injured In Hamina Car Crash

Car burst into flames after it was hit by an oncoming vehicle on Highway 26.

Picture of rescue services at the scene of Highway 26 accident / Credit: Teemu Honkasalo, Tilannehuone

Six people were injured, some seriously, in a crash involving two cars in Hamina region.

The crash happened just before 16:00 this afternoon on Highway 26, and police say a car driving south from Taavetti drifted into oncoming traffic and hit a car driving north from Hamina.

The car coming from Hamina burst into flames, but the people inside were able to get out. Rescue workers say there were four people in the Taavetti car, and two in the Hamina vehicle.

All of the car occupants were taken to hospital. Firefighter Toni Kuoppamäki told journalists that some of the passengers were seriously injured, others less so. At least one child was among the injured.

Highway 26 was closed while emergency crews worked at the scene of the accident.