Silver for Finns in heart-stopping World Championship final

Finland became the first European team to ever play in a women's ice hockey world champs final.

Finland's Noora Räty stops a shot on goal in the ice hockey World Championships in Espoo, 14th April 2019 / Credit: IIHF

The Finnish women’s national ice hockey team ended an incredible World Championship run in Espoo with a silver medal, losing out to the USA team in a dramatic game that thrilled spectators.

It was a 1-1 draw in regulation play, but in a 4-on-4 sudden death extra time, Finland’s Petra Nieminen scored what looked like the decisive winning goal only for it to be overturned by referees after a long video review.

The sporting highs and lows didn’t end there.

The game went to penalty shoot-out where the USA out-scored the Finns, despite a stellar performance from veteran goalie Noora Räty.

“It almost would have been easier if we’d lost 5-0, I’d probably be happier right now. But we were so close. We could taste it – “Holy cow, we’re world champs” – and they take it away” said Räty.

Still, it was an amazing achievement for the Finns, who became the first ever European team to contest the World Championship finals – and on home ice as well.

“It was a huge step for us, but we were here to win gold today” said Finland’s Michelle Karvinen. 

“It’ll take a little time to get over this, but I’m still proud of the team” she added.

Finland’s team captain Jenni Hiirikoski was named MVP of the game.

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