Selling wines in supermarkets? Finns are split on the issue

THL has been tracking Finnish attitudes towards alcohol policies since 1984.

File picture showing different Alko logos / Credit: Alko

Finns are divided over the idea of selling wines in supermarkets. While it’s a common practice in many other European countries, wines can only be bought from the state-owned Alko stores in Finland.

New research from the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare THL finds that 50% of people are in favour of selling wines in supermarkets.

Most people – 88% – thought that Alko should be the only place to buy hard spirits, but overall, general support for Finland’s current alcohol policy was strong at 57% with men more likely to want to see changes than women.

“The difference between women and men is significant and has for a long time covered the answers to all the questions about alcohol policy in the survey” says THL’s Thomas Karlsson.

When it comes to age limits 93% of people said they thought the current age limit of 18 to buy beers, ciders, long drinks and wine was appropriate.

THL has been tracking public opinions about alcohol policy in Finland since 1984. This year’s survey was carried out in January.