Sámi branding helps Ministry of Justice promote indigenous languages

The initiative is part of the United Nations Year of Indigenous Languages, which is supported by the Sámi Parliament in Inari.


The Ministry of Justice unveiled a new Sámi-language logo on Monday, which has the ministry’s name translated in all three Sámi languages used in Finland: Northern Sámi, Inari Sámi and Skolt Sámi.

It’s part of an initiative by the Sámi Parliament in Finland, and the Sámi Parliament in Norway during the United Nations Year of Indigenous Languages.

The parliaments invited state authorities to consider how they might make Sámi languages more visible, and while the ministry already makes their website available in Northern Sámi, they decided that another practical step would be to add a new logo as well.

A ministry spokesperson tells News Now Finland that officials might use the logo when dealing with Sámi regional issues, and in their Sámi-language communications materials.

For example, announcements are already published in the Sámi language when they mainly concern Sámi people, or are of particular interest to them. In future this new bespoke logo can also be used in those circumstances.

The Ministry of Justice continues to use Finnish and Swedish as the two official languages of Finland on its main branding.