Safety hazards prompt authorities to close ‘escape room’ games

Rescue Department officers went to inspect businesses in the capital city region, and found problems in a number of escape room scenarios.

File picture of escape room game / Credit: iStock

Authorities in Helsinki have ordered nine ‘escape room’ businesses to fix safety hazards in their operations.

According to Fire Chief Anja Aatsinki of Helsinki Rescue Department, problems in seven of the escape rooms were serious, but easily fixed and they’re allowed to continue operations as long as they make an immediate change. An example of a deficiency could be an item blocking an emergency exit.

However, there were serious concerns about two escape room businesses, which have been ordered to close completely while the owners take remedial action.

“In these cases, the functions of the room did not correspond to the purpose of the space, and these can no longer be used at least for the moment. These require significant structural changes and a new authorization process” Chief Aatsinki tells News Now Finland.

In an escape room game, contestants are locked inside and have to figure out various clues within a specific time to make their escape.

According to the Ministry of Interior, escape room businesses have gained wide popularity in Finland in recent years, and it’s estimated that there around 100 different rooms across the country.

A fire at an escape room in Poland at the beginning of January resulted in the deaths of five people, so Finnish authorities ordered checks to make sure escape rooms in Finland complied with all the relevant safety codes.