Rihanna tweets SOS to Juha Sipilä

Umbrella singer wants Centre Party PM to attend a donor conference for education in Africa, as well as pledge funds.

Rihanna / Credit: Instagram

Superstar Rihanna and Juha Sipilä are unlikely Twitter friends.

One is a fashion icon, music industry superstar, business mogul and Hollywood movie star who loves to strike a pose on Instagram.

The other is the Prime Minister of Finland.

Well, he is a self-made millionaire so maybe the pair do have something in common after all!

Rihanna has sent a tweet to Sipilä asking whether Finland would be attending a donor conference next year in Africa to support of education.

She also tweeted the same message to the Prime Ministers of New Zealand and Japan, as well as the German Chancellor.

A tweet from Rihanna to Juha Sipilä / Credit: @rihanna Twitter

The Global Partnership for Education GPE was founded in 2002 and has already given several hundred million dollars to promote education in developing countries.

Their funding conference takes place in Senegal in February next year, and the ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ singer writes that she hopes Finland will attend and pledge cash.

Rihanna might be surprised to learn that Finland is trying to be more ambitious than other EU countries when it comes to boosting education in Africa in particular.

Education Minister Sanni Grahn-Lassonen (NCP) has been a strong champion along with Prime Minister Sipilä (Centre) for expanding the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme into Africa with even more vigour than present EU plans envisage.

So far, the Finnish Prime Minister has not responded to Rihanna’s tweet.