Restaurant fire forces shopping centre evacuation

Commuters, shoppers and staff were evacuated from the building while fire crews investigated the alarm.

Firefighters at the Fafa's restaurant in Tapiola / Credit: News Now Finland

A fire at a falafel restaurant in Tapiola’s Ainoa shopping centre forced the evacuation of the building on Wednesday morning.

It happened in the branch of Fafa’s restaurant on the centre’s mezzanine level, and Länsi Uudenmaan Rescue Department says the blaze was caused when a deep fat fryer overheated and ignited.

The restaurant’s sprinkler system activated, and put out the fire. Firefighters on the scene tell News Now Finland that there is water damage inside the restaurant, and smoke damage on the ceiling. However, nobody was injured in the fire.

The all-clear was given shortly before 11:00, and at that time shoppers, staff, and commuters on the metro were allowed back into the building.

Fire truck at Ainoa shopping centre in Tapiola, 20th February 2019 / Credit: News Now Finland