Rauma Marine and Saab named main partners for new Finnish Navy vessels

The new Pohjanmaa-class ships will all be in service by 2028, replacing the old Hamina-class vessels.

Artist's impression of one of the new Pohjanmaa class corvettes / Credit: Finnish Navy

The Ministry of Defence has named Rauma Marine and Saab as the main contract partners to build the Finnish Navy’s new Pohjanmaa-class vessels.

The Fleet 2020 project will replace seven decommissioned vessels with four new multi-purpose Pohjanmaa ships at a cost of €1.325 billion.

For security reasons the ships themselves will be built in Finland at the Rauma shipyard, but the combat systems on board are being procured from Saab in Sweden.

Some pieces of equipment like guns and decoy launchers are being up-cycled from the old Hamina-class fast attack boats and installed on the new ships instead.

The multi-role Pohjanmaa-class corvettes will be capable of engaging in warfare with other surface ships and submarines too; play a role in anti-aircraft operations and command maritime operations.

The four new ships are expected to enter service by 2028 and remain as the backbone of the Finnish navy until 2050.