Rare rise in birth rate recorded

Finland has a one of the lowest birth rates in Europe, with a long term declining trend.

File picture of baby under a blanket / Credit: iStock

Finland saw a rare rise in birth rates in September.

According to new figures compiled by Statistics Finland there were 4038 babies born in September this year compared with 3944 children born in September the previous year.

It’s the first time there’s been a year-on-year increase like this since November 2015.

However, given that Finland has one of the lowest birth rates in Europe with a long term trend of declining births, this is likely to be a statistical blip on the radar.

Indeed, while the number of births in September was higher than a year before, it was still lower than July and August.

Overall population increase

Finland’s overall population grew from January to the end of September by 7568 people due to migration gain from abroad.

There were fewer births than deaths; and 13,388 more people came to the country than left the country during those first nine months of the year.

The current national population stands at 5,525,487 people.