Railways ready for 600,000 long distance festive passengers

VR is laying on extra long distance capacity for the busy upcoming travel weekend, but say many sleeper train services have already sold out.

File picture of VR train at Kemijärvi railway station in Lapland / Credit: Kemijärvi FB

Finland’s railway network is about to get busy in the annual Christmas travel rush.

VR is bracing for 600,000 long distance festive journeys with the busiest travel days on Friday 20th and Monday 23rd ahead of the holiday.

The most popular long distance routes are from Helsinki heading north to Tampere, Seinäjoki, Oulu and Rovaniemi.

Although there are still tickets available for daytime travel on long distance services, sleeper services and car spaces on night trains are already heavily booked according to VR.

“Tickets are currently selling at a fast pace, but there is still time” says VR Service Director Piia Tyynilä.

“However, you should not delay purchasing a ticket, especially if you want to travel on a specific date or a specific train. A few northbound trains are already sold out, but there are other alternatives available” she adds.

Changes to VR Christmas schedules

VR has added extra train services in the busy travel weekend before Christmas; however on Christmas Eve 24th, and Christmas day 25th there are limited services.

On December 26th trains run on a Sunday schedule.

Local VR and HSL commuter trains in the capital city region run on a Sunday schedule from 24th to 26th December – with some exceptions, so check websites before you start your journey.

Looking ahead to New Year’s Day, long distance train services for 1st January also run on a more limited Sunday schedule.