Prosecutor General Charged In Corruption Investigation

Prosecutor General accused of criminal wrongdoing after investigation into how his brother's company was awarded lucrative contracts.

Matti Nissinen / Credit: Office of the Prosecutor General

Finland’s Prosecutor General has been charge with misconduct, after a corruption investigation by the National Bureau of Investigation NBI.

Matti Nissinen is accused of awarding lucrative staff training contracts to a company owned by his brother.

The company, Deep Lead Oy, says on its website that it offers “an extensive range of comprehensive training solutions for the development of the individual, group and organization” and is owned by the Prosecutor General’s brother Vesa Nissinen.

Deep Lead received €74,000 between 2007 and 2015 – including a period of time before Matti Nissinen took up his job in 2010.

Nissinen says he made a mistake with the way the contracts were handled, but denies criminal wrongdoing.

At the beginning of the NBI’s investigation, Nissinen was suspected merely of being negligent with the training contracts. Later, the police came to the conclusion that Nissinen had understood he was acting unlawfully.

The Prosecutor General is Finland’s senior prosecutor. He has the power to nominate district-level prosecutors; participates in developing legislation; gives general instructions to prosecutors; and oversees prosecutions.

Nissinen was already serving a suspension from his job before the official charges were filed.