Prime Minister cautions the country over coronavirus second wave

Sanna Marin says that if there's a worsening Covid-19 situation in Finland then restrictions to slow the spread of the outbreak could be reintroduced.

File picture of Sanna Marin (SPD) / Credit: Jukka-Pekka Flander. SDP

Prime Minister Sanna Marin (SDP) has urged caution over a possible second wave of coronavirus in Finland.

Writing on Twitter the PM notes that restrictions put in place to slow the pandemic have been gradually lifted since June but that “there is still a risk of the disease escalating again and this must be taken into account by everyone in their own lives.”

“If you arrive in Finland from a country other than a [country not on the designated no-quarantine list], go for two weeks of voluntary quarantine. We trust that you will act responsibly” says Marin.

The prime minister says anyone who comes to Finland from a country with a similarly low infection rate as Finland can go to work or meet friends and relatives.  However if there are flu symptoms, she says, people should avoid physical contact with others and go for a coronavirus test.

Authorities have indicated previously that re-imposing restrictions is one option open to them in the event of a second wave of coronavirus cases and the Prime Minister said on Friday that this might happen, even though “their human and economic cost is high.”

“Remember to take care of hygiene and social distancing, especially when dealing with strangers” adds Marin.