Posti announces 59 job cuts, and moves other jobs to Estonia

The job cuts are fewer than first thought, but some employees are critical that jobs are being transferred to Tallinn.

File picture of letter carrier delivering mail / Credit: @postigroup Instagram

The Finnish post office Posti has announced that it’s cutting 59 positions, and transferring another 14 jobs to Tallinn.

Negotiations on redundancies have already started, although the number of people facing unemployment is less than the 106 positions that were originally under threat.

Over the past decade there’s been a huge reduction in the amount of mail being sent by businesses and private individuals as more people switch to electronic forms of communication. That means Posti has needed to cut jobs and restructure their services to stay solvent.

Posti says some jobs will be redeployed to Tallinn, but that move has been criticised by unions.

“Is this the future for Finnish workers? We are sent over the borders, to work on God knows what employment terms, as long as companies cut their costs” says Posti worker Milja Sandberg.

Posti is looking to save up to €200 million in costs, as they expect post distribution volumes to fall even further.