Politicians and police help reassure Porvoo residents after weekend shooting

Inspector Jussi Huhtela in Porvoo, 26th August 2019 / Credit: @IUPoliisi Twitter

After a weekend shooting that left two officers injured, police and local politicians in Porvoo have been making an extra effort to reach out to the local community.

East Uusimaa Police put on extra patrols in the south coast town on Monday, with officers taking the time to discuss events with residents and reassure them.

“I think people want to feel the police presence and let’s say they are worried is Porvoo any more a safe place, and so on, and we have been telling them that Porvoo is one of the safest cities in the whole of Finland, it’s a really safe place” explains Superintendent Jussi Huhtela from East Uusimaa Police.

“What happened was terrible but it’s very unusual situation. So Porvoo is safe and Eastern Uusimaa Police Department is safe also” he tells News Now Finland.

Superintendent Huhtela says members of the public have expressed their concern for the injured officers, asking about them and wishing a speedy recovery.

City action to help local residents

Porvoo’s social and healthcare department is also making sure that professional help is available for anyone in the town who has been affected by Sunday’s shooting, if they need someone to talk to.

City leaders however stress that the town of 50,000 residents is not a dangerous place at all, and the incident was not typical.

“Porvoo is a safe place, definitely, this was an isolated incident that could happen anywhere” says Deputy Mayor Fredirck von Schoultz.

“In general Finland is a safe place and it’s really not common for these things to happen.” he adds.