Political Party Leaders’ Pay Boost Revealed

Two Finnish political parties pay extra allowances each month to their leaders - but is it money well spent?

Credit: Wikicommons Media

Have you ever wondered how much money political party leaders in Finland make?

On top of their salaries for being members of parliament or government ministers, some parties also give bonuses to their chairpersons, according to a story in Uutisuomalainen group or regional newspapers today. In general, the paper reports, parties only pay work-related expenses like travel.

But two large parties – Social Democrats and National Coalition Party – give extra cash.

SDP Chairman Antti Rinne receives €2000 per month on top of his salary as an MP. However, if the chairman was also a minister, he wouldn’t get any extra money from the party. Antti Rinne was Minister of Finance from June 2014 – May 2015. Before being elected to parliament, Rinne was paid €8000 per month by his party to be their chairman.

Petteri Orpo, leader of the National Coalition Party, gets an extra €1000 each month for the role. That same amount has been paid to NCP chairmen for the last decade.

The Finns Party’s new leadership, elected at the start of summer, has not yet asked for any bonus pay, according to party secretary Riikka Slunga-Poutsalo. Finns Party Foreign Minister Timo Soini and a vice chairman were paid a small allowance, although Slunga-Poutsalo wouldn’t disclose to Uutisuomalainen how much that was.

Centre Party Secretary Jouni Ovaska says they don’t pay any extra allowance to their party leader, Prime Minister Juha Sipilä.

“Travel expenses are paid against an invoice” says Ovaska, who adds that Sipilä has not yet claimed any.