Police warn of ‘bus bumper challenge’ dangers

Officers say there's a serious risk of injury or even death doing a stunt like this.

Image of two teenagers riding on the back of a bus / Credit: Western Uusimaa Police

In might seem obvious, but police are warning teenagers not to jump on the back of a moving bus, and hang on to the bumper.

Today Western Uusimaa police released a picture of two kids hanging on to the back of a bus as it drives through Espoo. The picture was snapped by the car behind.

It’s the latest stunt caught on camera, and follows a long tradition of people doing stupid things like the Tide pod challenge and cinnamon challenge. Don’t try either of those at home.

The 114 bus route goes from Tapiola metro station, to Urheilupiusto, Mankaa, Kilo and terminates at Leppävaara.

Commissioner Ilkka Kantola from Western Uusimaa says the teens’ actions are very dangerous and could lead to death or serious injury.

If police catch anyone doing this, Kantola warns they would face a fine for jeopardising road safety.