Police shoot wild boars in Helsinki neighbourhood

The three animals were spotted in the Oulunkylä, Malmi and Tapanila areas of the capital.

File picture showing detail on police uniform / Credit: News Now Finland

Police in Helsinki have shot three wild boars.

It happened late Monday night after officers received a number of reports about three wild boars spotted in Oulunkylä, Malmi and Tapanila areas.

When officers responded to the sightings they shot two of the animals but the third was on the loose for several hours before it too was killed on the train tracks near Tapanila station in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

According to Ranua Zoo’s website, the wild boar population in Finland has come over the border from Russian Karelia and nowadays mainly breeds in southern parts of the country.

Boars usually prefer to live forest areas with sows leading herds of up to 15 animals, while males live solitary lives apart from during mating season.

Wild boars can stand 85cm to 100cm tall, and fully grown weigh between 100kg and 200kg. The males are larger than the females who can aggressively defend their young, born in the spring.