Police, President and military top Finland’s ‘most trusted’ index

The same survey finds that more people trust Wikipedia, than trust Finnish politicians. Ouch.

Composite picture showing Finnish police, President Niinistö and a soldier in the snow / Credit: News Now Finland

The police, the office of the President, and the defence forces are among the most trusted actors in Finnish society.

That’s according to a new study by the Finnish Business and Economic Delegation EVA.

More than 80% of people who took part in the survey expressed their trust in the top three organisations.

Overall, the survey found that public confidence in different groups has increase over the last decade, with positive improvement outpacing negative drops in the surveys from 2009 to 2018.

Trust in the President of Finland has increased the most, while trust in the EU is also growing.

Who is lacking in trust?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Finns lack trust in politicians and political parties.

More people trust the online encyclopedia Wikipedia (37% trust) than on parliament (35% trust) or political parties (17% trust).

“The situation is sad for parliament and politicians” says EVA’s research manager Ilkka Haavisto.

“Finns rely more on Wikipedia than on parliament or political parties” he adds.

Top 10 rankings of social trust

  1. Police
  2. President of the Republic
  3. Defence Forces
  4. Judiciary
  5. Small businesses & private entrepreneurs
  6. Public-funded broadcaster Yle
  7. Social security system
  8. Leading newspaper in your province (depending where you live)
  9. Finnish media in general

Other mentions on the list:

11. Banks and the banking system

12. Helsingin Sanomat

16. Environmental organisations

17. MTV3

18. Trade unions

19. The church

20. The European Union

24. The current government