Police operation nets dozens of drink and drug drivers

Hundreds more people were found to be driving with alcohol in their system, but not enough to put them over the limit.

File picture of police van / Credit: News Now Finland

Police forces across the country carried out 30,000 breath tests and 72 drugs tests on the weekend, as part of a nation-wide crackdown on drink and drug drivers.

Officers took part in the 48-hour campaign on Friday and Saturday, citing an increase in deaths and injuries related to drivers being intoxicated during the summer months.

In total, cops caught 65 drink drivers, and 19 people who were under the influence of drugs during the operation.

However, some 665 drivers were found with alcohol in their system after breath tests, but not enough to be illegal to drive.

“This amount can be considered really worrying” says police inspector Heikki Ihalainen.

In 2018, around 30% of everyone killed or injured on Finland’s roads was due to drunk driving accidents – with more than a third of those people aged 15-24.

“Personal injuries from drink driving accidents are concentrated in the summer months. That’s why the police are already involved in preventing drunk driving even before the beginning of summer” says Ihalainen.

Last year about 19,000 drunk drivers were caught by police.