Police launch nationwide speeding clampdown

In last year's exercise, more than 5000 drivers were caught speeding on Finland's roads.

File picture of Helsinki Police speed patrol on 3rd April 2019 / Credit. Helsinki Police Twitter

Keep your speed down on the roads today – police have launched a nationwide crackdown on speeding drivers that started at midnight and continues for 24 hours.

Officers are out taking measurements in surveillance vehicles, and 130 camera traps are fully operational. They’re looking most closely at sections of roads where speed-related accidents have happened.

“Our goal is to prevent traffic accidents by monitoring and informing about [excessive speeds] in advance” says Kari Onninen from the National Police Board.

“It is hoped that drivers will consider their own driving behaviour and the importance of complying with speed limits from their own perspective, and from the perspective of other road users” he says.

The clampdown sees Finnish police join efforts of 20 police forces across Europe today who are all part of the anti-speeding initiative.

In a similar exercise last year more than 5000 drivers were caught speeding on Finnish roads, of which 1309 drivers were stopped by police patrols, and 3850 were caught by surveillance cameras.

According to the European Road Safety Council ETSC, inappropriate speed is the main cause of road deaths on European roads.