Police launch 24 hour drink drive crack-down

With so many parties during the festive season, police want people to leave their cars at home and use public transport.

File picture of East Uusimaa Police van / Credit: @IUPoliisi Twitter

Police forces across the country are launching a 24 hour crack-down on people who drive while under the influence of alcohol.

Some 18,000 people are caught over the limit annually by officers, and this time of year is a high risk due to all the Christmas parties with friends and colleagues.

Today’s campaign starts in full force at 14:00 and ends at 14:00 on Saturday afternoon, with cops concentrating on the evening and night time.

“When leaving a Christmas party, you should leave your car at home or use for instance public transport if you intend to celebrate with alcohol” says Chief Superintendent¬†Heikki Kallio of the National Police Board.

“It is also vital to remember that if you consume alcoholic drinks in the evening, you can still have alcohol in your blood the next morning, and even later on the next day” Kallio warns.

Last month a pre-Christmas campaign caught a total of 252 suspected drunk drivers over two weekends. Of these, 75 were suspected of driving while seriously intoxicated.