Police highlight safety for ‘No Road Death Day’ campaign

Every year around 240 people are killed in Finnish road traffic accidents and today's initiatives highlight the importance of safe driving.

File picture of traffic, 26th September 2019 / Credit: News Now Finland

Finnish police are taking part in a Europe-wide initiative today to try and have just one day with no road deaths.

Project EDWARD – which stands for European Day Without A Road Death – is being marked across the continent to highlight the 70 people who are killed on Europe’s roads each day.

“An average of 240 people die each year [in Finland] from road traffic accidents. Each of these cases is too much” says Inspector Maria Hoikkala of the Police Board.

Police are reminding drivers they can make positive choices to cut down on road deaths including through the use of safety equipment; having appropriate speed for different circumstances; focusing properly on the road; and driving sober.

“In urban areas, the risk of being killed in an accident is almost non-existent when driving clearly, with the seat belt fastened and other traffic monitored, according to the speed limit” says Inspector Hoikkala.

Last year’s event was a success in Finland at least, as nobody died. However there were 12 accidents which resulted in 14 injured people.

This is the fourth time that Project EDWARD has taken place, and involved officers in 30 countries.