Police arrest two foreigners in suspected bus attacks

In central Finland, passengers overpower a man who lunged at the bus driver, and held him until police arrived.

National Bureau of Investigation KRP headquarters in Vantaa / Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The National Bureau of Investigation NBI says two foreigners are in custody after two separate attempts to attack buses, which were ultimately unsuccessful.

The Senior Investigating Officer in the case Sanna Springare says there’s a lot they don’t know about the incidents yet, as the investigation continues.

Springare tells News Now Finland they’re looking into whether the two attempted attacked were in any way coordinated, or if there’s a link between the two foreigners now in police custody.

Tuesday afternoon incident

The first incident happened on Tuesday afternoon, as the bus was arriving at its destination in Loimaa from Turku. A passenger got up from his seat and grabbed the steering wheel, forcing the bus into oncoming traffic. It struck a glancing blow to another oncoming bus which had swerved out of the way to avoid it.

None of the five passengers on board was injured, and the driver stopped while police were called.

Central Finland incident

The second incident happened in the early hours of Wednesday morning on a Koiviston Auto bus heading from Helsinki to Oulu. When it got to Uurainen near Jyväskylä in central Finland, one of the passengers got up from his seat and lunged at the driver, grabbing his wrist.

Other passengers saw what was happening, overpowered the man, and held him down as the bus stopped, and the driver called police.

There were 15 passengers on the bus at the time, and nobody was injured.

The NBI’s Sanna Springare says officials will decide on Friday what – if any – charges will be brought, but at this stage the men could be facing charges of interfering with the operation of a moving vehicle, and minor assault.