Plane Death At Lapland Airport; Åland Ferry Overboard Search

Officials say pilot died "quite immediately" in plane door accident; ferry search called off after two hours.

The Gulfstream jet, showing the door which fell on a pilot, killing him / Credit: @OTKES Twitter

Transport safety investigators are looking into two separate accidents, at different ends of the country today.

At Kittilä Airport in Lapland, a pilot was killed when the door of a Gulfstream private jet apparently crushed him as it fell.

According to investigators, the pilot and co-pilot were inspecting the exterior of the plane on Thursday around 16:00, preparing for take-off. No passengers were yet on board, but a third member of the crew was on the aircraft, with the door closed. The accident happened as they opened the door to get back on board.

“According to our special investigators, they don’t remember this happening in their whole career in Finland, it is still a bit of a mystery to us” says Sakari Lauriala from the Finnish Safety Investigation Authority OTKES.

The door fell with such force that component parts broke off, and were scattered up to ten metres away.

“The captain of the flight he died quite immediately” Lauriala tells News Now Finland.

Finnish authorities have alerted their Austrian counterparts about the accident, as the plane was registered there; as well as authorities in the USA where the plane was manufactured.

There will be a minute of silence today at Kittilä Airport at 16:00 in memory of the pilot who died.

Åland Overboard Search

Meanwhile ferry crews searched overnight for someone who fell from a Viking Line boat.

It happened around 01:00 Finnish time, as the Viking Line’s Amorella was traveling from Stockholm to Turku, just west of Åland.

“Of course the ferry stops, and they start to search for the person and alert the nearby other ferries to do the same” says Viking Line’s Christa Grönlund.

The ferry searched the area for about two hours, before continuing to Turku.