Phone scam targets Defence Forces over Middle East tensions

Text messages were sent to some personnel urging them to report for duty and bring a passport.

File picture of Finnish troops during winter / Credit: Defence Command

A text message urging Finnish Defence Force personnel to return to duty due to heightened tensions in the Middle East is a scam.

The Defence Forces confirm the text message hoax, and says they didn’t send it.

“A text message has been sent in the name of the Defence Forces, asking people to report for duty due to the situation in the Middle East. This is a scam message. The Defence Forces have not sent a message. The origin of the message is being determined” the Defence Forces writes on their official Twitter account.

Although some media outlets report that the message was sent to many former conscripts, Max Arhippainen, Communications Manager at the Finnish Defences forces says he’s not sure at this point how widely the message might have spread.

“We don’t have any information yet about the scale nor who might be be hind it. We can’t be sure if this is an isolated incident, if somebody just found it funny or is it a larger phenomenon” he tells News Now Finland.

“The message however referred to the situation in Iran and asked the person [who received the mssage] to take his passport with him. It was also signed by the ‘Defence Forces Operative Department’ which does not even exist” Arhipainen explains.