Petrol station networks opening up restaurants and cafes 

There's a drive to cater to the demands of domestic tourists and get staff back to work.

File picture of Teboil petrol station / Credit: Teboil

Hundreds of petrol stations around the country are getting ready to open up their restaurants and cafes from the beginning of June as coronavirus lockdown restrictions are eased.

During the last two months most petrol stations were limited to selling fuel and some take-away meals.

However two of the biggest chains say they’re ready to be open again for business and serve hungry travelers.

Teboil has 105 service stations and will start food court services with home-cooked lunch on 1st June.

“This is an expected and desired decision for us and we are eager to open up the services of the stations on a larger scale. The health of our customers and staff is paramount to us, and we pay special attention to hygiene and cleanliness” says Teboil’s Arto Ylönen.

File picture of ABC breakfast / Credit: ABC FB

Meanwhile S-Group is going to start opening its ABC petrol station restaurant halls, the majority of which have remained partially open.

“The majority of the stations have been partially open, which enables a quick return to normal restaurant operations, ie enabling customers to eat inside. Being open in a reduced form has put a lot of pressure on our staff and I would like to thank them for this great handling of the exceptional period” says Harri Tuomaala, ABC Chain Director.

“ABC traffic shops and hotels are the backbone of Finland’s domestic tourism, and restrictions on the number of customers or opening hours are very challenging in terms of returning operations to normal” he adds.

Restaurants will only be allowed 50% occupancy with guests when they open again.