Passports Hit With Printing Problems

Watermarked images of swans and bears could be printed upside down in some passports.

File photo of Finnish passport / Credit: iStock

If you’ve applied for a new Finnish passport in the last six years you should probably take a closer look at the pages.

Police say that some of the watermarked images might appear upside down due to a printing error.

You can see the mistake if you hold the passport up towards the light: some passports issued between 2012 and 2016 could show an upside down swan; while some passports issued since 2016 might have an upside down bear.

Another possible error is incorrectly numbered pages.

Finnish authorities aren’t quite sure how many passports could be affected by the errors.

Travel Advice

If your passport contains one of the printing mistakes, it is still valid for travel. However, there could be problems abroad if an eagle-eyed visa officer in a foreign country notices the errors, and thinks the passport is forged.

Any passports with the printing errors will be replaced free of charge.