Päivi Räsänen Considering Presidential Run

Former Christian Democrats leader could throw her hat into the ring to be her party's presidential candidate.

Former Christian Democrat leader Päivi Räsänen / Credit: Eduskunta

Former Chair of the Christian Democrat Party Päivi Räsänen says she is prepared to seriously consider a run to be President of Finland – if her party leadership requests it.

The Christian Democrats currently have five MPs in parliament, including Räsänen, who served as Interior Minister under Prime Ministers Jyrki Katainen and Alex Stubb.

Over the summer, the Christian Democrats have been discussing potential candidates to run in the presidential elections which will be held next January. One possible candidate is the current party chair Sari Essayah, who finished eighth – last – in the 2012 Presidential election, with just 2.47% of the votes.

This time around, Essayah has not yet indicated whether she wants to be a candidate.