Only 1-in-5 Finns Happy With Employment Office Services

Survey of service providers uncovered which ones the public thinks are good, and which are at the bottom of the list.

File photo of young people / Credit: iStock

Only 1-in-5 people in Finland are satisfied with the services offered by the Employment and Economic Development Office TE-Palvelut.

That’s according to a new survey carried out by the Municipal Development Foundation which collected data during March, and asked more than 1000 people their thoughts on different types of service providers.

People who responded to the survey also said that KELA, Posti and municipal social welfare offices were not well run.

In general, men are slightly more satisfied than women with public services, and supporters of government coalition parties are more likely to appreciate all service providers than supporters of opposition parties. Centre Party supporters were particularly satisfied, the survey found.

So what services are Finns happy about?

Grocery services and pharmacies top the list of society’s best service providers. Peoples’ own banks, insurance companies, telecoms operator and ALKO also make the list.