One person drowns in kayak accident

Weather conditions were reportedly windy on lake Kiantajärvi when the incident happened on Thursday morning.

Map showing the town of Suomussalmi where kayak accident happened / Credit: Google Maps

A middle-aged man has drowned in a kayak accident in north east Finland.

It happened on Thursday morning around 10:30 on Kiantajärvi lake, north of the town of Suomussalmi, when police say the man’s kayak was spotted overturned in the water.

When the local rescue department arrived on the scene, they found the man in the water around 30-40 metres from the shore, in a depth of two metres.

First responders tried to revive the kayaker but without success.

Police say they’re investigating the cause of the accident but do not consider any crime to have taken place. There was reportedly strong winds on the lake at the time of the drowning.