One last flight for Finland’s outgoing military chief

Jarmo Lindberg will be retiring in the summer, but took the chance to fly in a Finnish Air Force F-18 Hornet this week.

Outgoing Chief of Defence Forces Jarmo Lindberg in the back seat of a Finnish Air Force F-18 Hornet, 23rd May 2019 / Credit: Jarmo Lindberg

Chief of Defence Forces Jarmo Lindberg is leaving his job on a sky high note.

The pilot took to the skies on Thursday in the back seat of a Finnish Air Force F-18 Hornet for one last flight before he retires in the summer.

“I flew my first MiG flight on 26 July 1983, today I flew my last Hornet backseat ride. A proper way to end my fighter career flying over Sweden with almost 100 other jets” he wrote on Twitter.

Lindberg has already made military history as the first post-war Air Force commander who went on to become commander of the armed forces.

His final flight took place during Arctic Challenge Exercise 2019, which started this week and involves more than 100 aircraft from Finland, Sweden, Norway and six other nations.

The exercise takes place in the north of the host countries, but mostly over Sweden, and Rovaniemi is one of the host bases.