No summer spike in Finnish traffic accidents

Hot weather can often lead to more traffic deaths - but not this year. While pedestrian & cyclist deaths are at a five year low.

File picture of traffic in the city / Credit: News Now Finland

Finland’s Accident Investigation Institute OTI says they didn’t see any increase in traffic accidents over the summer months, even though hot weather can often have an impact on the number of crashes.

“In hotter times, the consumption of intoxicants is increasing, which is often reflected in traffic risk, and for this reason road traffic deaths normally increase in the summer, in beautiful weather” says Tapio Koisaari from OTI.

“Despite the hot weather in the summer, luckily there haven’t been a lot of accidents. In the future, we will look at whether this is a random variation or if there are other reasons for the unexpected change” he says.

The number of fatal road traffic accidents between January and August this year was the lowest in OTI’s investigative history.

So far, there have been 134 fatal crashes, resulting in 149 deaths.

The record low number of fatal accidents is primarily due to the decline in pedestrian and cycling accidents. In January to August, only eight pedestrians and nine cyclists were killed, which is the lowest number in five years.