Newspaper: Anti-Bullying Magazine Under Investigation For Scams

Police have been looking into the organisation since the spring.

File picture / Credit: Kouluturvaa Facebook

A magazine that claims to fight against school bullying is now the subject of a police fraud investigation.

In a story published today in Helsingin Sanomat newspaper, Helsinki Police Financial Crimes Unit revealed they had launched an investigation in the spring against Kouluturvaa.

HS says it looked into the magazine’s questionable sales methods, talking with former staff in Finland, Estonia, and Spain. Kouluturvaa allegedly turned a large profit without paying associated costs.

“There was not a proper contract made between workers and employer, so they did not pay any social contributions” Helsingin Sanomat quotes a former employee as saying.

According to the story there have been approximately 1200 complaints made against the company which is accused of signing subscriptions without the permission of customers; or switching one-time payments into regular deductions.

“They were lying straight to me that they had my voice on tape saying that I ordered apermanent subscription” customer Terttu Olli tells HS in their story.

Kouluturvaa magazine has made its name by using school bullying as a central platform. On its website, the company describes itself as an independent publishing organisation that provides information about school bullying, and how to counteract it.

“As publishers we have a better opportunity to intervene in school bullying, as our purpose is to distribute this newspaper to all homes” the website says.

According to police officer Ismo Siltamäki, officals have been looking into the anti-bullying magazine’s activities since the spring.