New Smoke Warnings for Turku Residents

Credit: Simo Päivärinta / Tilannehuone

The fire department in Turku has issued a warning to residents up to five kilometres from a landfill fire, to stay inside due to the potential effects of harmful smoke from the blaze.

The fire started on Wednesday afternoon in a 50-tonne pile of waste wood at the Topinoja site. While firefighters brought the fire under control, shifting winds meant the plume of thick black smoke is now blowing towards more populated parts of Turku.

“We have managed to make sure the fire isn’t going to spread any more” Turku Fire Chief Juha Virta tells News Now Finland. “But the smoke is quite heavy, and because of the wind, the smoke is spreading in certain areas of the town and that’s why we have giving the information warning”.
An early morning warning was broadcast on radio and television channels, urging people to stay indoors, and close their windows.
“The main thing which burns is wood, there are tens of tonnes of that wood and it creates a lot of smoke, and it’s quite difficult to extinguish” says Virta. “The smoke isn’t dangerous, but it’s harmful to breathe it. There are a lot of people, small children, who can be affected by the smoke and it can be harmful to them”
There are still 30 fire engines – and approximately 120 fire fighters – on the scene of the fire, according to officials.