New Poll: Greens Still Finland’s Second Most Popular Party

Finland's Greens maintain their second place poll results after a summer leadership change.

Green Alliance chairman Touku Aalto poses for a selfie this summer in Pori / Credit: @vihreat Instagram

A new poll conducted by Gallup for Helsingin Sanomat newspaper shows the Green Alliance is Finland’s second most popular party.

If parliamentary elections were to be held now, the Greens would get 17.5% of the vote.

The most popular party is still Peteri Orpo’s National Coalition Party holding at 20.7% of support. The Social Democrats and Centre Party are tied for third place with 17.3% each.

Green Support Holds

The Greens were also the second most popular party in an August poll conducted by Finnish state broadcaster YLE.

Green Alliance chairman Touko Aalto commented at the time that the party’s success is a sign that people want change in politics, and are looking to the Greens to be a viable option in the future.

Aalto was elected as chairman of the party at their summer conference in June, and succeeded popular chair Ville Niinistö who stepped down after serving two terms as leader.

According to Aalto, the rise in support from the public is thanks to a long period of hard work that has helped the Greens get their message honed, and out to the public.

The National Coalition Party – a junior member of the government’s three-party coalition – was also the second most popular party in YLE’s August poll.