New options ahead for mobile phone driving licenses

New option could see driving licenses used on your phone like a mobile app.

File picture of cars on highway / Credit: iStock

Are you always forgetting to carry your license when you go for a drive?

No problem. In the future it won’t be necessary anyway.

The Finnish government is proposing that a new electronic license could be enough if you’re stopped by police.

“The mobile driving license is one practical example of what can be achieved through digitalisation in the transport sector” says Transport Minister Anne Berner (Centre).

“The mobile driving license is a new way for drivers to prove their right to drive when required to do so during traffic surveillance” she says in a statement.

In practice, drivers would have the licenses on a mobile phone, like an app, which would be a free optional service that can be used in addition to a traditional plastic driving license.

Exploring the various options for a mobile driving license has been one of the new projects under discussion over the past year, as the government looks to ease regulations.

The Government is also proposing that driving licenses granted in the Faeroe Islands and Greenland could be used for driving in Finland for not more than of one year after arriving, depending however on the type of license, such as motorcycles or B-category vehicles.

Exchanging the license for a Finnish one would require the driver to complete the corresponding driver’s exam.

The amendments to the Act are due to come into force on 1 February 2019.