New guidelines: Yes, it’s okay to travel around the country

People can visit their summer cottages guilt free, as long as they follow some sensible precautions.

File picture of archipelago summer cottage mökki / Credit: iStock

New guidelines issued by the Government on Friday confirm that yes, domestic travel is allowed again, as long as people take sensible precautions.

There had been some doubt about whether it was okay to travel around Finland, for example to summer cottages, with mixed messages in recent days. But now ministers are giving the green light to domestic trips.

“Opening up domestic tourism is a sensible decision. As the Minister responsible for tourism I feel it is important to get Finland’s tourism industry and economy back on track, of course safety first” says Minister for Economic Affairs Mika Lintilä (Centre).

“It is clear that the tourism sector has suffered from coronavirus and the situation can be alleviated through domestic tourism. As the epidemic is not over yet, I appeal to both tourists and tourism entrepreneurs to do our best for safe tourism” he adds.

The government says that given the current state of the epidemic in the country, it’s unlikely that opening up domestic tourism would increase the spread of the virus. However they want to be ready to make rapid regional changes if the situation requires it.

The new guidelines says that nobody should travel if they’re sick, and if they get any Covid-19 symptoms the first thing to do is contact health authorities in their place of residence.

Officials warn against any unnecessary physical contact, and remind people to follow good hand hygiene and coughing practices.