Neo-Nazis Protest Outside Helsinki School

The pop-up protest involving around half a dozen people was over before police could respond to the incident.

Screenshot from live video of Nordic Resistance Movement protest outside Merilahden school in east Helsinki / Credit: YouTube

A group of neo-Nazis from the Nordic Resistance Movement held a pop-up protest outside a school in east Helsinki today, waving flags and telling pupils through a loudspeaker that they want to keep Finland “safe, clean and white”.

The whole event was broadcast live on YouTube.

The protest comes after another video was posted online purportedly showing incidents of schoolyard bullying between pupils of different ethnic backgrounds at Merilahti school.

Around half a dozen Nordic Resistance Movement supporters can be seen in the YouTube broadcast on Wednesday morning walking towards the school carrying NRM flags and a banner. Several are wearing NRM-branded hoodies.

When they get to the school, one man starts giving a speech in which he says they don’t want Helsinki to turn into Baghdad or Mogadishu, and directly addresses pupils asking “white Finnish youth in the Merilahti school – do you want to submit to the violence of immigrants?”

A worker from inside the school can be seen in the broadcast leaning over the school fence taking video of the protesters on his mobile phone.

Helsinki Police tweeted that they responded to a disturbance involving seven people at Merilahti school, but the people involved had already left before officers arrived.

The Nordic Resistance Movement is currently appealing a court ruling which would ban them outright in Finland.