Morning Headlines: Wednesday 16th August 2017


Train Strike Wraps Up

The strike by VR drivers might be over, but that doesn’t mean that everything is back to normal on Finland’s railways. Some trains that were out of position when the strike started might not be in the right part of the country today. So check the VR website for updates, and be prepared for some more commuting troubles. See more about possible continued disruption at our story here.

Budget Talks Start

Negotiators from the Ministry of Finance and other ministries get together to start haggling over the 2018 budget today. Political parties have been meeting to set their own priorities, and now the three parties in the government coalition – the Centre Party, Finns Party (represented by the New Alternative parliamentary group, it’s complicated, see this story for more info), and the National Coalition Party – will see if ministries can come to an agreement that aligns with what they want as well. See this story for more details about what the Prime Minister is hoping to keep in the final budget.

Warm Weather

Grab your sunscreen and get ready to enjoy some hot summer weather… well, for a few days at least! Warm weather continues through the weekend, including overnight. But don’t get too used to it, because autumn is just around the corner. Our story here has all the latest warm weather news.