Morning Headlines: Tuesday 15th August 2017


Rail Strike continues:

The national strike by VR train drivers continues today. If you don’t plan to work from home or cycle to the office then expect traffic congestion and taxi shortages – especially in the capital city region where 200,000 people usually commute by train each day. Read more about the strike at our story here.

Political Talks Continue:

Petteri Orpo’s National Coalition Party and the break-away Finns Party parliamentary group known as New Alternative continue their (separate) internal discussions today. They’re figuring out what their legislative priorities should be when parliament resumes in September. Read more about New Alternative’s policy plans at our story here.

Helsinki Festival Plans:

The annual Helsinki Festival kicks off in a few days, but on Tuesday they’ll give a teaser of the arts, music and culture programme for the weeks ahead. The festival is the largest of its kind in Finland, and last year attracted around 200,000 visitors. Learn more at their website.

F1 Web Chat:

Finnish Formula 1 star Mika Häkkinen will be hosting a Facebook Live broadcast for fans later today. You can send your questions for the speedster, and even get the chance to win a trip to the Italian Grand Prix at Monza. The event begins at 19:00 at Häkkinen’s Facebook page here.

Tuesday Weather: 

Expect warm-ish, partly cloudy weather but with sunshine breaking through for most of Finland today. Temperatures in the south +18°C to +21°C in the south and central regions. In the north quite a bit cooler dipping down as low as +10°C in the far north of Lapland.