Navy takes charge of renovated Hamina-class patrol boats

The FNS Tornio is the first of four Hamina-class ships that are getting an upgrade to keep them in service until the mid 2030s.

File picture of Hamina class patrol boat, January 2020 / Credit: Merivoimat

The Finnish Navy took possession of the first patrol boat to go through a refit today, extending its life cycle for more than a decade.

Work to refit the FNS Tornio was carried out by Patria, as part of a €220 million upgrade to all the Hamina-class vessels.

The Hamina-class refit project is an important part of maintaining Finland’s naval combat capabilities for years to come according to the navy, and all four of the Hamina-class boats will be renovated between 2018 and 2021.

The upgrade to fighting systems and capabilities on-board include adding anti-aircraft missiles, torpedoes and upgraded radar to give the Hamina-class boats enhanced submarine warfare capabilities.

The navy says these are Finland’s most powerful vessels to date.

The new weapons systems will be tested in 2021 when the upgrades and new additions to all four Hamina-class patrol boats are fully complete.