Must-see TV: ‘Nature Live’ webcams launch at just the right moment

Viewers can catch a glimpse of snakes basking in the spring sunshine, or an osprey pair start a new family.

File picture of osprey chicks in nest / Credit: WWF Suomi

WWF Suomi has opened up its ‘Nature Live’ spring webcams to the public where – with a little luck – viewers can observe snakes basking on rocks in the sunshine, and nesting ospreys.

Last year the snakes attracted more than 500,000 viewers while the fledgling osprey family was watched more than 2.4 million times in a four month period.

“At the moment, the WWF Nature Live concept seems more timely than ever” says the organisation’s Joonas Fritze.

“We want to bring nature close to people in difficult times. You can enjoy live nature broadcasts even on your sofa at home” he adds.

The ospreys in particular are a hit with viewers because they form lifelong relationships and return to the same nesting site year after year. They are expected to arrive in March and viewers can most likely follow the same pair as last year.

Although snakes might not make comfortable viewing, conservation expert Teemu Niinimäki says the goal is to make snakes more familiar to people, and to dispel their fears and prejudices.