Morning Headlines: Wednesday 9th May 2018

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Deadline For Electricity Talks

State mediator Jukka Ahtela has set a deadline of 13:00 today to hear back on a proposal to end industrial conflict in the electricity industry. On Monday he made a settlement offer between employers and the electrical engineering industry workers. The parties might approve or reject the settlement offer, but they have until early afternoon to do it. The Finnish Electricity Association has announced it will start some strike action on 17th May unless a deal is sealed. There is already an overtime work ban in effect. The dispute is over wages and working conditions. The last settlement proposal was given last month but was rejected by unions.

Europe Day Commemorated

Finland is celebrating the annual Europe Day event with a focus on Oulu today. The EU-wide day marks a 1950’s proposal by Robert Schuman to create a more united Europe to bring peace and stability to the continent. In Finland this year, the main celebration will take place in the northern city with the theme “Making the EU of Tomorrow”.

Saara Aalto

Finnish singer Saara Aalto has made it through to Saturday’s Eurovision Song Contest final in Lisbon. She was one of the top ten tunes voted by the viewing audience and professional juries around Europe. Aalto’s song ‘Monsters’ is a high energy number which sees the performer start on a wheel where she is spun upside down. She later dances around the stage with uniform-clad dancers and backing singers, before climbing up a pyramid, holding pyrotechnics and then falling backwards as the song ends. Finland will perform in the second half of Saturday’s Lisbon final.

Finland vs Norway Result

Finland’s ice hockey Lions are having a hugely successful start to their World Championship run in Copenhagen. Last night they beat neighbours Norway 7-0. Finland now has 23 goals in just three games, the best of any team taking part in the tournament. Tonight they face hosts Denmark at 21:15 Finnish time, hoping for another big win, but the toughest games in group B are still to come, with Canada and the USA ahead.

Wednesday Morning Weather

It’s another bright and sunny start everywhere in Finland this morning, and the temperatures are getting warmer by the day! There’s unbroken sunshine forecast everywhere from Ã…land – with early temperatures of +14C – to the capital city region at +9C, Central Finland +10C and up to Oulu +12C. There will be some light cloud cover in southern Lapland, and in the extreme north as well.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Wednesday morning 9th May 2018 / Credit: FMI