Morning headlines: Wednesday 7th November 2018

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Euro leaders gather in Helsinki

A number of EU leaders are gathered in Helsinki today for the European Peoples Party EPP congress. The EPP is an umbrella group of centre right political parties which includes the National Coalition Party and Christian Democrats from Finland. Prime Minister Juha Sipilä (Centre) will meet his European counterparts for bilateral discussions at his Kesäranta residence, including the Prime Ministers of Ireland, Croatia and Hungary; as well as the Chancellors of Germany and Austria and senior EU officials.

YLE under fire for ‘racist’ subtitles

Finland’s state broadcaster YLE has come under fire for using a term widely regarded as a racial slur in the subtitles of a popular family programme. The word ‘Negro’ used in a recent episode of the BBC Doctor Who show was translated as ‘neekeri’ which is often used in a derogatory way to mean ‘nigger’ in Finland. Black Finnish viewer Maija Baijukya who watched the episode says YLE has “deliberately placed a racist term into a programme they have themselves said is safe for children, in an episode that is meant to teach the audience something about an important event in history”. YLE’s head of translation services says he thinks the use of the word in context was appropriate.

Summer job recruiting starts already

The competition for summer jobs in 2019 has already begun! In some sectors, contracts are made up to seven months in advance. In healthcare, media, even the church, employers are already advertising open positions for next summer. Traditionally, recruitment for summer jobs has started in January or February but in the last few years those dates have been creeping earlier and earlier, according to Suomen Kuvalehti magazine.

Wednesday morning weather

It’s a mild but rather miserable start to Wednesday morning across the country. While temperatures range from just -1°C in the north of Lapland to +9°C in the south. Expect some precipitation in central Finland but plenty of cloud cover, fog and haze everywhere else.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Wednesday 7th November 2018 / Credit: FMI