Morning Headlines: Wednesday 6th June 2018

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Price Cap For Roaming Calls

A new deal has been agreed at the European Parliament to put a limit on the cost of roaming calls and text messages Finland to other EU countries. Last year, a new cap came into effect across Europe, which lowered costs of calls, messages and data to almost the same as domestic prices. But Finland had an exemption from that deal, because Finns are used to having almost unlimited data plans, and operators feared it would cost them a lot of money to drop the coast of roaming. Finnish MEP Miapetra Kumpula-Natri (SDP) says calls from Finland to Sweden for example, might have cost several times more than from Sweden to Finland on a holiday trip. The new agreement for Finns means the maximum tax-free price for EU calls will be 0.19 euros per minute, and text messages will cost 0.06 euros each. The new agreement still needs to be officially approved before it goes into effect.

Police Crack Down On Drunk Drivers

Finnish police are launching a new initiative today to crack down on drunk drivers, and it will continue through the weekend. The effort is part of a Europe-wide operation. Police Inspector Heikki Kalio says summer is a time when alcohol and other intoxicants are used more, and drivers still get behind the wheel of their cars causing injuries and deaths. Last year, Finland had 17,646 drunk driving incidents recorded by police, which is an increase of 2.5% from the year before; and more than a third of the people who died or were injured in drunk or drug driving-related incidents were young people aged between 15 and 24.

Hot Weather Brings More Emergency Calls

The unusual heatwave in Finland over the last few weeks has meant an increase in the number of calls to emergency services. The Emergency Response Centre says they had a 30% increase in calls than normal at this time of year. The busiest day of the year so far was 2nd June when 12,000 emergency calls were made in Finland. Martti Kunnasvuori, Head of the Emergency Response Centre says workers answered 91% of calls within 30 seconds, but the target should be 95%. He blames the deficiency on staff shortages.

Wednesday Morning Weather

It’s another cooler start to the day across the whole country with cloud cover from north to south this morning. Temperatures range from just +2C in parts of Lapland to +11C in the south west around Hanko.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Wednesday morning 06.06.2018 / Credit: FMI