Morning headlines: Wednesday 6th February 2019

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Finnish professionals brace for Brexit uncertainty 

Many Finnish professionals living and working in the United Kingdom are facing continued uncertainty about their careers as the deadline for Britain to quit the EU looms. The UK is set to leave the other 27 European Union countries at the end of next month and no deal has been approved yet by the British parliament, and ongoing political instability is having a tangible impact on Finns who are employed in the UK. Pekka Muronen who works on aircraft maintenance says his company has had to spend a lot of money to make sure 600 staff can continue to work after 29th March; while trainee lawyer Roosa Tarkiainen says he’s not sure her UK qualifications will be recognised in other EU countries after Brexit. Read more at our original story here.

Hundreds of job cuts announced at HKScan, Tieto

Meat producer and food company HKScan is starting negotiations today to cut up to 220 jobs. The losses will be felt in management positions, and among employees in all the countries the company operates. HKScan previously announced 165 layoffs in Vantaa, Forssa, Mikkeli, Paimio and Outokumpu as part of a cost-cutting programme. The company made a loss of €47.5 million in 2018. Meanwhile Finnish technology company Tieto says it is cutting 700 employees worldwide as part of a plan to save up to €35 million every year.

Dozens of pigs die in roof collapse 

At least 30 pigs have been killed when the roof of their enclosure collapsed under the weight of snow. It happened in Salo on Tuesday evening in a large 1200 square metre barn housing 300 animals inside. Rescue crews say that 70cm of snow had accumulated on the barn’s roof and the weight got too much and it collapsed on top of the pigs. While 30 of them were killed, the other 270 were rescued and transferred to another farm.

Volunteers test latest airport services 

Hundreds of volunteers are posing as passengers today, and testing the latest facilities at Helsinki Airport ahead of its opening later this month. At the heart of the expanded long-haul departure area is an open plan wooden ‘Aukio’ plaza with shops and restaurants, as well as a brand new security system. Today’s test will let airport operator Finavia see how smoothly the new processes work, and make any adjustments ahead of the official opening. “We will test the functionality of services and passenger journeys, and especially the state-of-the-art security check with a full body scanner, the first of its kind in Finland” says Helsinki Airport Director Joni Sundelin.

Sámi National Day celebrated across the region

Finland celebrates Sámi National Day today. It was first celebrated in 1992, and became an official fixture in Finland in 2004. The day commemorates the first Nordic Sámi parliament meeting held 101 years ago in Norway. You’ll see Sámi flags flying, and various cultural events taking place. Read the new Pirita Näkkäläjärvi column about Sámi National Day on our website now.

Wednesday morning weather

A very cold start to north and eastern parts of the country this morning, with temperatures ranging from -22°C in Lapland to -30°C on the eastern border. In Central Finland there’s more snow in the forecast with a temperature down around -20°C forecast for Jyväskylä. There’s snow too expected in most other places except Turku and the south west. Temperatures range from -15°C in Vaasa to -19°C in Pori down the Ostrobothnia coast, and from -7°C in Lahti to -3°C in the capital city region.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Wednesday morning 6th February 2019 / Credit: FMI