Morning headlines: Wednesday 5th June 2019

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Final government ministers to be announced 

The Centre Party and Left Alliance will announce their choices for ministers in the next coalition government. The Centre has five ministerial portfolios, while the Left has two to fill. The three other coalition partners Greens, Social Democrats and Swedish People’s Party already unveiled their own ministerial teams late on Tuesday. Read more about the Social Democrats and Swedish People’s Party ministers at our story here. Read more about the new Green ministerial team at our story here.

Poll: Finns Party popularity slips, as coalition parties lead overall

A new poll this morning carried out for Helsingin Sanomat newspaper finds the Finns Party are still the most popular single party in the country, enjoying 18.2% support – but that’s down half a percent from the last time this survey was done for the paper. The Social Democrats and National Coalition Party are tied in second place with 17.5% support. The Centre Party has 13.2% support and the Greens are on 12.2%. Taking into consideration the combined support for all five of Finland’s new coalition government parties, the poll shows they enjoy almost 56% support overall. The opinion poll questioned 2300 people between 6th May and 2nd June, and there’s a 2.1% margin of error for the biggest parties.

Finns Party leader to share his future plans today

The leader of the populist Finns Party, Jussi Halla-aho, will share his future plans today. He’s been leader of the party since 2017, and lead them to second place in the April 2019 general election. The Finns Party will have start their summer congress on 26th June and Halla-aho, who returned to parliament after a stint in the European Parliament in Brussels, is expected to want to continue as leader. His leadership has been challenged recently by the far right ethno-nationalists in the party, especially the youth wing, and he’s had to speak out against some of the more radical elements who tried to turn the party’s discussion to issues of race and skin colour to define who could call themselves Finns.

Wednesday morning weather 

The temperatures are already climbing on Wednesday morning, and during the day most of the country will feel weather that’s warmer than we’ve had so far this year. Wednesday starts off already with +19C down the eastern border and into Lappeenranta; there’s +18C temps across Uusimaa and the capital city region, and +16C across Central Finland. By Thursday afternoon almost the entire country from the middle of Lapland and all points south are forecast to have +25C to +30C weather. Read more at our story here.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Wednesday morning 5th June 2019 / Credit: FMI