Morning Headlines: Wednesday 4th October 2017

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Government Faces No Confidence Vote

The Finnish government will face a vote of no confidence in parliament this afternoon, after a debate on the future plans for railway competition. It comes after five opposition parties filed an ‘interpellation’ – a parliamentary procedure asking the government to explain their policy. It’s the first no confidence vote since the Finns Party split up and 16 of their MPs left the coalition, and means the government holds a slim 106 seat majority in parliament.

Is Your Booze Cruise Worth It?

A new study says that tax increases on alcohol in  Estonia and Finland, means the price of beer in particular will remain significantly cheaper on the south side of the Baltic Sea and continue to encourage people to import cheap booze for personal consumption. The study, carried out for the Finnish Grocery Trade Association, says that only by liberalizing alcohol sales in Finland, and allowing supermarkets to sell stronger beer, cider and long drinks, will prices fall to the point where it’s no longer a price advantage to travel to Estonia to buy alcohol. Read more about the impact of alcohol prices in our new story.

Länsimetro Handed to Operating Company

Do you dare to dream? The Helsinki metro’s western extension Länsimetro is one step closer to being fully open for passengers this morning. The line has been formally handed over to operating company HKL who will now run two weeks of tests on the line, and start preparing stations and staff for a proper passenger service. Already this week, Tuesday tests went off without any major troubles on the track. Read more about it here.


It’s a pretty miserable, cloudy, rainy and windy start to the day for much of Finland, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI. Stiff winds along the southern coast make for stormy conditions and temperatures will feel colder than the forecast +12°C. The rain continues in most parts of the country on Wednesday morning, all the way up to Lapland, although there will be some dry patches around Oulu and in the extreme north, where temperatures will begin the day around +3°C to +5°C.